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Gouache Extra fine Talens, Permanent Pink (Magenta), 50 ml.

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  • Colour: Permanent Pink (Magenta).
  • Gouache (Tempera) Talens
  • bottle 50 ml.
  • "Extra Fine Quality".
  • Dries in a few minutes and is very easy to use.
  • Great covering power.
  • Special effects, like watercolour, can be obtained when diluted with water. Once dry, the work will show a fine velvety and matte aspect.
  • Used by Illustrators and Designers, as well as by students, artists and amateurs.
  • Very pure colours that can be easily mixed.
  • high level of pigments, providing extraordinary power of colours..
  • It can be applied with ease to any surface free of grease, something porous like paper and cardboard, as well as wood, plaster and ceramics.
  • Its great covering power allows to superimpose, without problems, all the colours, with the exception of some very special bleeding colours..

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