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Caja acuarelas de metal Sennelier "Aqua-mini", 8 1/2 godets *

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Sennelier box of watercolors "Aqua-mini"

This Sennelier 8 Media Godet Watercolor Mini Set is the perfect size for moving watercolor use. The 8 half godets come in a white metal case with a transparent window so that you can easily see their colors. The set also includes a travel watercolor brush.

L'Aquarelle Sennelier has been produced in the same way for over a century using the best, highest quality pigments.

This blend of natural ingredients produces colors that have a smooth, shiny texture and offer rich, colorful tones.

The dimensions of the box measure 10x6 cm.

The box contains:
  • A travel watercolor brush.
  • colors:
    • (574) primary yellow
    • (675) French vermilion
    • (344) Cinerous blue
    • (314) French Ultramarine Blue
    • (805) phthalo light green
    • (819) SAP green
    • (202) toasted shade
    • (703) Payne Gray

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