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Professional wooden box acrylic Rembrandt

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The composition of this box of acrylics is:
  • 15 acrylic Rembrandt tubes of 40 ml.
  • 3 Rembrandt brushes 290 series n. 12, 291 series n. 6 and 292 series n.8 (polyester, selected filament).
  • 1 bottle 75ml acrylic matt medium Talens.
  • 1 bottle 75ml acrylic gloss varnish Talens.
  • 1 spatulas (n.° 3012).
  • Double well.
  • Tube with 3 charcoal bars.
  • Wooden palette.

    Rembrandt Acrylic paint is a high quality painting that meets the demands of the modern painter. A painting that offers the best quality: very intense and bright colors, a very pasty texture paint for an emphatic brushwork, the maximum degree of lightfastness and it forms a durable and flexible paint film.

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