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Acryllic Montval 400 gr, 36x48 cm., Cold Pressed, block 10 s.

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  • Format: Block (Cold Press).
  • Sheet: 10 s.
  • Weight: 400 gr.
  • Size: 36x48 cm.
  • Suitable for acrylic paint.
  • This PH neutral (acid-free) paper remains excellent condition over time.
  • A fungicide treatment ensures that it is fungus - and mould - resistant.
  • It is naturally white with no blue undertones giving an optical illusion of whiteness.
  • Thanks to its heavy weight and particular type of grain, Canson acrylic paper makes the mosto of the range of possibilities provided by acrylics: Washes, glazing (a lght veil of colour which givesa transparent effect), blending (a mixture of colours), impasto technique, using thick layers, or flat colours tints.

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