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Box Iridiscent Oil Pastel Sennelier 6 units.

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  • Oil Pastel Sennelier Case.
  • 6 assorted colours.
  • Iridiscent Set
  • Produced with top-quality pigments, mineral wax (neutral pH) and extremely pure synthetic binding medium.
  • Sennelier Oil Pastels possess an extraordinarily high pigment content, thus providing them with a high coloring and covering potential, excellent brightness, and a high degree of light stability (with the exception of metallic and fluorescent shades).
  • To protect an oil pastel surface from dirt and dust, apply a fixative 8 to 10 days after the work is completed. The fixative will not dry the work. If desired, a final varnish spray can be applied to seal the surface permanently, but this may adversely affect future restoration possibilities.

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