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Tinta Grabado Ecológica Azul Primario (Cian), Lata 500 gr.

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  • Color: Primary Blue (cyan).
  • Formato: Can 500 gr.
  • Oil based Ink (traditional),cleaning with water and soap.
  • Ideal for all types of Etching.
  • Safe for Xylography stamping. (Drying can be speeded up with cobalt dryer of this range)
  • Cleanable with water and soap with all garantees, without the need for solvents.
  • Can be personalized using the modifiers of this range: transparent base, cobalt dryer and solvent oil.
  • Cleaning: First of all, spread out the liquid soap or detergent with the help of a piece of soft cloth or clean brush. Ink is taken out carefully using a paper towel or a soaked sponge, rinse with water and dry the parts completely.
  • Stamping: Stamping is carried out on a slightly wet paper (or dry), but never wet in excess. In case it is too wet, it must be dried a little.
  • Mixture: Elaborated to mix with any ink of the ecological range. If desired, the security data files can be requested.

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