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La Pajarita

Varnish Finish Glass Kit, La Pajarita (180 ml)

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  • Exposy resin based colorless varnish with two components, that can be used with multiple thechniques, resulting in a finish that is as hard and transparent as a glass. Can be used on oils, cardboard, acrylic, jewelery...
  • Format: component A (120 ml) + component B (60 ml) = Finish Glass Varnish
      Barniz Kit Finish Glass. El
    • kit lens varnish Finish Glass es en colorless resin base exposure to the components. Puede be used for Multiples techniques giving just un gran resistance, hardness similar to y un crystal transparency. In amarillea.
    • Format: The component (120 ml) + component B (60 ml) = Barniz Glass Finish (180 ml)

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