ref: R120V


Professional Etching Press 120V (wheel)


  • Stamping torch WITH REDUCER (ratio 1 to 20), with built-in table, made of steel and painted in epoxy.
  • Cylinder diameter 270 mm, with knurled bottom roller for greater drag.
  • Upper cylinder with oscillating bearings.
  • Capacity of the plate 1300 wide by 1600 mm in length.
  • Drive by means of a steering wheel.
  • Maximum opening between cylinders 85 mm.
  • Incorporates millimeter strips to control the pressure of the cylinders.
  • For optimal sliding and guiding of the plate incorporates 4 rotating wheels and two copper side guides.
  • The table includes extendable bars to facilitate the guide of the plate.
  • Tórculo dimensions:
    • length: 1670 mm.
    • width: 1100 mm.
    • height: 1480 mm.
    • Approximate weight of the tórculo: 700 Kg.
    • Table dimensions 1100x1368x572 mm.
    • Rigid fiber plate ANTIDEFORMATION 1300x1600x20 mm.
    • Felt 1250x1600x3 mm.
    • Felt 1250x1600x5 mm.
    • Special wooden packing for tórculo.

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